The spirit of sharing resources and the ability to implement economies of scale that have always characterized the history of the CAP Group are the basis of the Brianza water trunk line system, one of the largest water works in the Lombardy Region with a total investment of over Euro 36 million, which will make it possible to bring the water withdrawn in the metropolitan area of Milan to 160 thousand inhabitants of 29 Brianza municipalities.

Designed to make up for the water shortages from which the Brianza area historically suffers, the Trunk Line system is a maxi-intervention that is divided into multiple projects: from the construction of the second Trezzo sull'Adda plant, which joins the historic plant of Pozzuolo Martesana, to the large HUB reservoir of Aicurzio - capable of storing 6 thousand cubic metres of water to re-launch it towards the upper Brianza -, up to the interconnection of the municipal aqueducts. Many of these elements have already been created and managed in collaboration and synergy with BrianzAcque which, together with the CAP Group, is part of the Water Alliance - Acque di Lombardia network, and have already contributed to increasing the availability of drinking water in the municipalities involved.

The project will be completed by the end of 2023, although it is already producing positive effects, thanks to the sharing of water resources through the connecting arteries between the individual aqueducts. The new system will be able to better manage any critical issues: an interconnected aqueduct offers greater possibilities for timely intervention in the event, for example, of problems with a well (being able to exclude more easily the well in question by taking water from the general system, without suffering any scarcity). It also addresses the problem of summer water shortages, which today occur in different areas of Brianza when water consumption increases with the rise in summer temperatures.

Between 2020 and 2023 the last stretch of the Brianza Trunk Line has been built, working through the municipalities of Bernareggio, Carnate, Usmate Velate, Camparada, Casatenovo and Correzzana. An investment of almost Euro 5 million for the last part of the large CAP Group project started with the construction of the Trezzo sull'Adda station in 2016 - after the existing one in Pozzuolo Martesana - and continued over the years with the construction of the various sections of interconnection between the municipal aqueducts, to build a "relay" system which, thanks to the reservoirs arranged along the trunk line, carries water throughout the Brianza area as far as Correzzana from the two stations.