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Joining our team means growing together with a solid company, facing innovative challenges and working in an environment where everyone is valued and encouraged to express their potential. We offer career opportunities at all levels: from new graduates who want to enrich their resume, to more experienced professionals.

Being part of our Group means working for a large company serving more than two million citizens: an entirely public company whose financial statements and administration are as transparent as the water we bring into our customers' homes.

The respect and enhancement of each person are the fundamental principles underlying our staff management policies: the company grows and develops only if the professional skills and active participation of those who work there grow alongside it. Work with us!

Inclusion e diversity

We are attentive to respecting diversity and equal opportunities in the selection of our people: for us, rejecting any discriminatory practice and enhancing the skills of every individual, regardless of nationality, religion and gender, are essential principles to generate value for the company and the territory.

In this sense, the application of the principles of gender procurement in tenders is significant proof: we are the first public entity to assign higher scores to those who promote gender equality in the provision of services and works. In particular, we have consolidated a system since 2018 aimed at rewarding, through the allocation of discretionary technical points, suppliers who employ a greater share of female employees with respect to the service provided, in particular in managerial roles, to trigger a virtuous process involving our stakeholders.