Rainfall management has become more problematic in recent decades, due to the frenetic growth of urban areas and climate change that has led to an increase in extreme weather phenomena.

To cope with this scenario, the CAP Group supports municipalities in the development of sustainable urban drainage systems in compliance with Regional Law 15 March 2016, no. 4 and Regional Regulation 7/2017 which introduce the principle of hydraulic and hydrological invariance through which the hydrological impact of territorial development is to be reduced.

CAP is committed every day to carefully managing rainwater through  maintaining storm drains - which are the first filter of the sewer network - and the construction of tanks and accumulation systems to reduce the hydraulic risk and the frequent phenomena of urban flooding.

The need for a new urban nature in favour of greater resilience of our cities is one of the main challenges shared on a European level. This is why the company promotes the use of green infrastructures and natural based solutions with the aim of combining the multiple services that nature can provide: the prevention of hydrogeological risk and the increase in biodiversity, the protection of nature and economic development, adapting to climate change and improving the quality of life.