The quality of the water resource is an essential element in obtaining and maintaining user trust and represents a fundamental pillar of the Group's commitment and mission.

The aqueduct network is inspected and maintained periodically to ensure greater safety and better water distribution.

To protect the quality of the water supplied to citizens, the CAP Group has put in motion an integrated plan of initiatives that include:

  • the implementation of Water Safety Plans and Early Warning systems as preventive and comprehensive risk assessment tools;
  • the implementation of interconnection interventions aimed at sharing high quality water between the various municipalities and territories served;
  • the improvement of water controls and analyses, anticipating the requirements of the recently published European directive on drinking water (Directive 2020/2184/EU of 16 December 2020).

Thanks to the excellence of our Research Centre, important studies are carried out for the removal of emerging micropollutants, for example from the use of herbicides, pesticides, intermediate products from chemical-pharmaceutical companies.

The study and geological knowledge of the subsoil is guaranteed thanks to the presence of the single Geological Supporting System office which supports the Water Alliance operators, the network of Lombardy water companies, in implementing techniques for the conservation and protection of groundwater quantity and quality from a sustainability perspective.



  • 57.5 million invested for the quality of the water supplied for the five-year period 2020 - 2024
  • Increase the number of connections: 2018 = 25,918 connections| 2019 = 28,705 connections | 2020 = 28,672 connections
  • 2033 goal: to increase by 70% the number of CAP users who claim to drink only, or almost only, tap water