The water park is a fully usable green infrastructure where the management aspects of rainwater are combined with sustainable drainage systems and other recreational-social and landscape features.

As part of the Seveso River Contract of December 2006, which included, among many actions, the environmental landscape master plan of the Seveso Valley, called Seveso River Park, a pilot project has been planned for the construction of the Paderno Dugnano Water Park, in the hamlet of Calderara. Extending over more than 9 hectares, the project affects unused areas of the perimeter of the GruBria park and will become a space wholly open to citizens, thus preserving it from future urbanization.

The project envisages that water is considered as a characterizing element also from the perceptive and user viewpoint, through water games and permanent basins, offering a liveable place even during the hottest summers and a refuge for flora and fauna. A park as a green infrastructure at the service of the town and its inhabitants, which can offer an answer to the challenges of sustainability, resilience and adaptation to climate change.