The future of smart cities passes through nature-based solutions (NBS). Among the most innovative experiences and best practices for the future of urban centres on a planetary level are the green solutions inspired by nature that the CAP Group is gradually adopting in the municipalities managed. These intelligent public green area measures are designed to lighten the capacity of purification plants and the sewerage system, mitigate the risk of inundation and flooding, also reducing the effects of the "heat islands". Examples of these solutions are green roofs and walls, rain gardens, alternative rainwater management systems and urban agriculture.

The ultimate goal is the creation of sponge cities, that is cities capable of absorbing the amount of water produced by storms, thanks to a natural system of rainwater recovery, which allows its subsequent use.

Two pilot interventions of nature-based solutions were carried out in Masate and Solaro, developed as part of the Metro Adapt project funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Commission, which has the Metropolitan City of Milan (CMM), Legambiente Lombardia, ALDA (European Association for Local Democracy), Ambiente Italia Srl, e-GEOS Spa and CAP Group among its promoters.