Integrated water service

Thousands of kilometres of water and sewer networks, waste water treatment plants and purification plants: a complex system that brings quality water to homes and returns it to the environment.

A bit of history

We are all used to opening our water tap every day, a gesture we don’t think much of. But having drinking water in our homes is the result of a process that starts much farther back.

Managing the service

Managing the water service means addressing the complexity of a structured system made up of a network of thousands of kilometres of aqueducts and sewers, and of high-tech plants such as waste water treatment plants and water treatment plants. But above all else, it means guaranteeing high-quality, safe and constantly monitored water to everyone.

In fact, the continuity and universality of service are the cornerstones of our commitment.

Universality, because everyone has the right to water and that’s why we are committed to returning it to the environment and bringing it everywhere, even the most difficult parts of the territory.

Continuity, because water must always and uninterruptedly come out of the taps of citizens' homes. For this reason, we have active, rapid intervention services that can intervene in a few hours to solve emergencies and faults.

We committed to the above when the ATO (Territorial Division) of the Metropolitan City of Milan entrusted us with the management of the Integrated Water Service until 2033 with its approval of the new Division Plan on 20 December 2013.

The network and wells

Every day we bring home good, quality, safe water, because it is carefully controlled.

Our plants

From groundwater to the tap: discover how our water management works and how we return it to the environment.