Analyze the water in your home

We periodically check the water of the entire aqueduct, guaranteeing its excellent quality all the way to the meter. However, the state of conservation and maintenance of the water system of your home and your condominium can affect water quality.

For this reason, if you would like to know the specific water characteristics of your tap, you can choose between these three analysis packages.

Choose the package that best suits you

What is analysed?
  • hardness, odour, colour, residual chlorine, dry residue at 180°
  • pH and conductivity
  • sodium, magnesium, aluminium, iron
  • e.coli, enterococci, total coliforms


The water in your home may have different characteristics than the water distributed by the aqueduct. This can be caused by old or worn pipes that can release metals such as iron, especially if the tap remains closed for a long time.

Limestone encrustations can also form in the pipes and in the various parts of the water system which, in the long term, can cause a significant reduction in the flow rate of the taps, and above all problems with the boiler and appliances that use heated water, resulting in increased energy consumption and the wear of some parts.

The analyses results and the relative legal limits for drinking water can be found in the report sent by the laboratory, which will be accompanied by a general descriptive guide of all the parameters analysed to facilitate its reading.