Safe water

Good, quality and safe because it is constantly controlled: this is our water. Our commitment is to quality, our citizens' commitment is to savings.

The value of water at home

The analytical data provided by our laboratories confirm that the tap water is of excellent quality and with a balanced dose of minerals and dissolved substances, in compliance with current legislation: this information and other physical-chemical analyses are shown on the water label that is sent to all customers, together with the bill.

Use the map: enter an address to check the label or click on one of the icons to read the aqueduct data of the selected municipality.

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Water analysis laboratory

Learn more about our Salazzurra Research Centre, where we analyze the water of the Metropolitan City of Milan

Good water for everyone

We pay special attention to our customers and receive many rewards in return. Here are the results of research on a sample of 1352 customers in the territory who were asked about our services.


Satisfied with the reliability of the water


Satisfied with the tap water quality