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Good, quality and safe because it is constantly controlled: this is our water. Our commitment is to quality, our citizens' commitment is to savings.

The value of water at home

The analytical data provided by our laboratories confirm that the tap water is of excellent quality and with a balanced dose of minerals and dissolved substances, in compliance with current legislation: this information and other physical-chemical analyses are shown on the water label that is sent to all customers, together with the bill.

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The laboratory

Unlike surface water (rivers, lakes, sea), groundwater has the great advantage of being filtered naturally through the permeable layers of the soil. If withdrawn correctly and from a sufficient depth, in many cases it is already drinkable and can be distributed without any treatment and without the addition of disinfectants.

Fortunately, the Metropolitan City of Milan enjoys the presence of numerous and rich groundwater aquifers, but in order to guarantee the safety of our water and determine if it can be drinkable, its characteristics must be analysed: thus we have an analysis laboratory and a team of technicians who every year, day after day, analyse over 26,000 samples to determine almost 730,000 chemical and microbiological parameters.

The laboratory is accredited according to the standard UNI IEC EN ISO 17025:2005 (accreditation no. 697) in compliance with the requirements of ACCREDIA Regulation RT-08 for the tests listed below.

Our analysis laboratory carries out what the law defines as “self-checks” to verify that the quality of the water supplied is in compliance with all chemical and microbiological parameters.

The main parameters analysed are:

  • Chemicals, e.g., sulphates, chlorides, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, nitrates;
  • Chlorinated solvents;
  • Metals, e.g., arsenic, iron, manganese, chromium, lead;
  • Micropollutants, e.g., herbicides, pesticides, intermediate products from chemical-pharmaceutical companies;
  • Microbiological, e.g., coliform bacteria, enterococci, Escherichia coli.

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We pay special attention to our customers and receive many rewards in return. Here are the results of research on a sample of 1352 customers in the territory who were asked about our services.


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