Integrated Water Service Charter and Regulations

The excellence of your water, the transparency of our work. This is our daily commitment.

Water Service Charter 

The Water Service Charter was approved by the Milan Metropolitan Area Division Office and represents our commitment to all customers in relation to the quality of the services offered. In fact, the Service Charter identifies the quality standards that we strive to respect in the conduct of our activities and in the management of aqueduct, sewer and treatment services: indeed, the Charter is a tool to guarantee our customers’ level of satisfaction.

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Our services

Our daily commitment constantly inspires the actions we take to ensure ever higher service levels and innovative solutions, for the satisfaction of our customers and partners and for the well-being of the territory.

Extra services

These are the services offered to customers in addition to the standard ones provided for by the regulations.

Excellence services

These are the services offered to customers with a higher quality level than the standard indicated by the regulations.


The Integrated Water Service Regulations define our tasks and duties and establish the technical standards relating to service management.