The network and wells

The sewer network

The sewer network is the set of works that allows the waste water treatment plants to carry the waste water from our homes, as well as industrial waste water in some cases, and rainwater. The discharge water, also called waste water, is brought to the waste water treatment plants to be treated, and then cleaned before being “returned” to nature.

6.500 Km
of sewer network

Of these, 487 km consist of inter-municipal trunk lines

Non-potable groundwater wells

Non-potable groundwater wells aim to catch water from the most superficial groundwater that cannot be drunk but is excellent for irrigating fields and for agricultural uses in general. Thanks to a non-potable groundwater well, the use of network water for non-drinking uses is avoided, decreasing the exploitation of the deep aquifer resources.

79 non-potable groundwater wells

made by CAP Group, forming an efficient network for the territory.

Networks and citizens

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