You can also request a quote by filling out and sending the form below by email to or by mail to Gruppo CAP - Customer Management Sector, Via Rimini 38 20142 - Milan.

The designer

For the sewer network, in the case of direct construction by private individuals, the designer must: 

  • acquire the altimetric plane survey of the existing sewer network in the works area, accessing the database of the Territorial Information System (SIT) of WebGIS Lombardia, after registration;
  • verify the information contained in the CAP Group WebGIS in the field;
  • take note of the provisions of the Integrated Water Service Regulation in force.

In the case of hydraulic invariance works, the designer is also required to comply with the legislative provisions contained in Regional Regulation No. 7/2017 of 23/11/2017, which also includes the manual on good practices for the use of sustainable urban drainage systems.

For more information, read Articles 54, para. 2 and 55 of the Regolamento del servizio idrico integrato.

Documents, procedures and tariffs

To request a technical opinion, send the request to Attach to the request:

  • the form for requesting a technical opinion quote, which indicates the documentation to be produced, the contents and the methods for its submission; 
  • the technical form with the accuracy checklist of the project contents;
  • the form with the safety requirements.

To request a test, send the request to

For any clarification on the preparation of the drawings write to

Attach to the request:

  • the form for requesting technical-functional testing, which indicates the documentation to be produced, the contents and the methods for its submission; the As- Built
  • As-Built Specifications form for the drafting of the graphic drawings submitted by 30/07/2019;
  • the dossiers presented from 01/07/2019 onwards will instead refer to the new As-Built 2019 Specifications form

The costs for the issuance of the technical opinion quote and the functional technical test certificate of urbanisation sewer works transferred to the Municipality, carried out by private individuals, are indicated in the tariff below.

It is possible to request information on opinions and tests related to urbanisation works by writing to and indicating in the subject “REQUEST FOR INFORMATION – Municipality Name – Urban Development Plan Name”.

For urbanisation works, the rates in force are indicated in the price list approved by the Division Office of the Metropolitan City of Milan, which can be found here below.

For your company 

The tracking service allows you to receive the mapping of the aqueduct and sewer networks of the managed territory. The activity is carried out through technologically advanced tools and highly specialised personnel.

How to make a request

To obtain field network tracking of aqueduct and sewer networks, fill out the form on the page and send it to, writing in the subject of the email “Field network tracking request” and the name of the municipality of reference.

Once we receive your email, we will send you a quote: to accept it, fill in the section dedicated to acceptance and send us the quote to the same email address,

Remember that...

The hourly cost of the service is € 50.00/hour + 22% VAT, including all charges (personnel, equipment, vehicles, etc.).