Worksites and maps

All the information on worksites, works in progress and the WebGis project.

How WebGis works

The name WebGis comes from the combination of GIS (Geographic Information System) and the possibilities offered by the web.

Developed for the area of the Metropolitan City of Milan, the application is designed to also receive data from other territories: the networks of multiple managers can be enclosed in a single system, an example of sharing economy applied to a large part of the Lombard region through the Water Alliance network. This is why the project expanded and became Acque di Lombardia.

To date, WebGis, or rather SIT (the Territorial Information System) Acque di Lombardia of CAP Group, collects the data of others Integrated Water Service managers: Brianzacque, Uniacque, Lario Reti Holding, SAL, Pavia Acque, Acque Bresciane, Alfa Varese and Acqua Novara VCO.

In addition to the system and data, the project provides for the sharing of working methods and grants access to municipalities, professionals and citizens. The data collected and updated are validated by our offices in real time. Under the supervision of the administrator, the centralised control system monitors compliance with restrictions, safety, access, conflicts, data integrity, and updates.

The WebGis also includes a section dedicated to professionals and one for municipal technicians. In addition, CAP Group has provided for consultation for the Prefectures, Police Forces and citizens, who can find information on the sites present in the territory by visiting the page Our worksites in progress.

Acque di Lombardia WebGis is also accessible from mobile to allow the consultation and interaction with the data directly in the field.


For more information, write us. If you are a professional and have specific requests, contact the SIT & Project Support Office directly