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  • What is a hidden leak?
  • What is not?
  • How much is the join the fund?

Hidden leak means the leakage and/or loss of water resulting from an accidental, coincidental and involuntary event: the breakage of the pipe downstream of the meter, pipe decay, corrosion, failure, frost or the like. 

The leak must regardless occur in a part of the underground system, not be visible and be detectable externally in a direct and evident way.

Hidden leaks include water leakage due to the failure of water pressure systems for condominium users and improper use of the supply by third parties (e.g. water theft).

Leaks caused by the following are not covered:

  • faulty taps, discharge systems, appliances, water use systems, water softeners;
  • damage during repairs carried out by the customer, breakage of the pipes caused by the customer or by third parties;
  • construction, road, excavation work, excavation of land and consequent indirect damage; visible plants (not buried or embedded in concrete);
  • wilful misconduct on the part of the customer or as a result of pre-existing cases at the time of joining the fund and already known;
  • gross negligence of the customer, in the presence of a gross failure to comply with the obligations deriving from the water supply contract;
  • earthquakes and floods.

All expenses related to the search and repair of the pipe rupture that led to the leaks and all expenses for cement restoration

The subscription fee is annual and is valid from 1 January to 31 December of each calendar year.

To cancel the fund, write to CAP Holding S.p.A. – Sales Management – via Rimini 38 – 20142 Milan or send an emailfondoperdite@gruppocap.it at least 30 days before the deadline. The cancellation will be valid from the first day of the following year relative to the date of receipt of thecommunication.

The annual fee is calculated on the basis of the average annual consumption of the user, in the year of subscription or renewal, according to the following consumption brackets:

  • for an average annual consumption from 0 to 200 cubic metres, the annual fee is €3;
  • for an average annual consumption from 201 to 1,600 cubic metres, the annual fee is €8.50; 
  • for an average annual consumption from 1,601 to 6,400 cubic metres, the annual fee is €24; 
  • for an average annual consumption over 6400 cubic metres, the annual fee is €43.

The subscription fee is invoiced with a charge on the first bill after the date of subscription or annual renewal.For subscriptions received from 1 June to 30 November, the annual cost shall be halved.

How to report a leak

If you notice a hidden water leak, immediately carry out the appropriate repairs or replacements to eliminate the damage. In order to be eligible for reimbursement under the fund:

Notify us

By calling our customer service team at +39 800 428 428 or send an email to fondoperdite@gruppocap.it.

the leak

As soon as possible, within 60 days from the due date of the bill where the charges resulting from the loss are invoiced.

Tell us
about the repair

Then request the activation of the fund using the leak report form, to which you must attach: the receipt/invoice of the expenses incurred or the self-certification of the repair, if carried out without the intervention of a professional; the photos certifying the leak and subsequent repair, the photo of the meter reading after the repair (reading upon leak repair).

Submit your form

  • by email to fondoperdite@gruppocap.it;
  • by fax to: +39 02 89520383;
  • by mail to CAP Holding S.p.A. - Hidden leak fund - Via Rimini 38, 20142 - Milan.





Refunds and guidelines

We reimburse the fees of the aqueduct service for the amounts of water consumed exceeding the historical average of the consumption charged in the previous two years, increased by 50% in the period from the date of the last actual reading prior to the detection of the loss to the date of repair of the loss itself (reading upon leak repair).

With regard to sewage and treatment services, the reversal of amounts charged for consumption that exceed the historical average is applied, as the services were not used.

To quantify the average consumption charged in the previous two years, the average consumption is calculated between the last actual reading prior to the detection of the leak and a previous reading, carried out at least 730 days before.

If the user has been active for less than two years, we will refer to the historical average of consumption for the period from the activation of the user to the last actual reading prior to the detection of the leak, as long as it is greater than 300 days.

In the case of first activation of the meter with a period of less than 300 days, or in cases where it is not possible to refer to the historical average, the average consumption to which the 50% increase is applied is calculated by carrying out a new reading of the meter (average recalculation reading) at least 200 days after the date of the reading upon leak repair.

For example:

  • Period affected by the leak = from the last actual reading date prior to the one that detected the hidden leak to the date of repair of the leak (reading upon leak repair).
  • Consumption of the aforementioned period resulting in the invoice = 180 m3
  • Historical average consumption re-proportioned to the same period = 100 m3
  • Historical average consumption re-proportioned and increased by 50% = 150 m3 
  • Volume covered by fund = 30 m3
  • Fee covered by the fund = application to the volume to be compensated of the rates in force at the time by type of service and consumption level.

Consult the guidelines document for more information on the leak protection fund.

Remember that...

You can also apply for the fund by filling out and delivering the application form to our branch, by fax, email or post by writing to C