An international research hub

The Research Centre is named "Salazzurra” in honour of the historic 1950s dance hall in which it is housed within Idroscalo Park. Industry and research meet here; the distinctive features that take shape and are realised here are innovation and scientific research combined with environmental sustainability.

Salazzurra is a research hub focusing on new technologies related to water and the environment, where researchers work and share their knowledge with citizens and students: an open innovation space where the best start-ups engaged in the development of circular economy grow and an incubation factory where new forms of collaboration between public and private entities are experimented with.

Salazzurra is an international research hub. Circular economy, water resources and environment, chemistry and biochemistry, microbiology, environmental and hydraulic engineering, sociology and water sector policy: these are just some of the study areas within the centre, where scholars from all countries can meet, discuss, disseminate their projects and meet citizens.

Our quality assurance laboratories

Water quality analysis are carried out in our Salazzurra laboratories, which are also home to the geological research team. Our analysis laboratories are part of the Water Alliance's network of facilities that brings thirteen public water service managers in Lombardy together.

of laboratories

Analysis are carried out here to ensure clean, controlled water


Annual samples


Analytical calculations

Geological research at the service of water

The geological research team monitors the aquifer groundwater to understand its history, consistency and evolution, using innovative technologies borrowed from archaeology and aerospace research with the aim of efficiently and sustainably optimising the management of water resources.

In particular, it carries out surveys for the qualitative and quantitative assessment of groundwater through field research and monitoring networks, with the aim of reducing contamination risk factors.

Our team also participates in various national and international research and development projects, in addition to supporting our technical areas and contributing to scientific dissemination.

CAP Salazzurra Research Centre

Idroscalo - Ingresso Riviera Est, Via Circonvallazione Est, Segrate 20090 (MI)