Ethics and corporate compliance

The CAP Group is committed to promoting the quality, control and continuous improvement of its performance every day to ensure excellence in design solutions and service management, using the best available technologies in order to minimise the risks to the health and safety of workers and the environmental impact on the territory served.

One of the tools we use to achieve these results is the integrated management system - a single system shared by CAP Holding and Amiacque - which represents the set of resources, responsibilities and procedures used by the organisation to achieve and maintain our improvement objectives in various areas.

Areas for improvement









The manual

The integrated management system manual describes the main elements of the integrated management system for quality, environment, safety, energy efficiency, corruption prevention and social responsibility that the CAP Group has decided to adopt and apply in terms of its commitment to the continuous improvement of its activities.


Being sustainable also means constantly striving to promote the quality, control and continuous improvement of our work.

Every day we strive to guarantee excellence in design solutions by making use of the best available technologies at all stages in order to minimise environmental impact and risks to workers’ safety and health, allowing an effective management of the plants built. To support these principles, the Group companies have implemented quality, environmental and safety management systems according to the most important international standards.

In recent years, our commitment has been rewarded by the achievement of important goals.

Code of Ethics: commitments and responsibilities


The Code of Ethics is one of our corporate social responsibility instruments, and serves to implement good behaviour practices. It is also a benchmark and guide for those who work, collaborate or interact with us. Knowing our code of ethics is a necessary condition to collaborate with us, in every form.

We have followed the Organisation, management and control model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 since 2011, to which we added the ethical commitment document in 2017.

The document defines the set of values ​that the company recognises, accepts and shares, and the set of responsibilities that it assumes internally and externally.

The provisions apply to directors, employees and all those who establish relationships with the CAP Group, as everyone must contribute to the company's ethical management. Finally, the code contains the ethical and moral principles on which the company bases its work and its daily activities, standard rules of conduct, control mechanisms and the penalties envisaged.

Our commitment to legality


Legality and transparency are essential values ​for us in the CAP Group, especially from the perspective of sustainability and corporate responsibility.

We are a public company that invests in the territory every day, and we consider it essential to carry out all processes and decisions with the utmost transparency and with a total guarantee of legality for all citizens, who are also our partners.

Choices such as the adoption of the Organisation and management model, the integration of the anti-corruption plan into company procedures, the signing of a legality protocol with the prefecture and having obtained a legality rating of three stars, represent successes but also a strong signal to the market: you can, and indeed must, be a public company and simultaneously represent the industrial sector benchmark for know-how and compliance with the law.



Legality rating


A real ‘blue sticker’ of legality assigned by the Competition and Market Authority to the CAP Group, confirming its maximum score of three stars.

This is a recognition for virtuous companies in terms of the law and transparency, in line with Antitrust Law and with the collaboration of the Anti-Corruption Authority. Few companies can boast three stars, and we are proud to be one of them.

Between the requirements to be met and standards to be maintained, obtaining the three stars is the final achievement of a long, hard road. The main parameters are:

  • compliance with the Legality Protocol signed by the Ministry of the Interior and Confindustria;
  • the use of payment traceability systems even for amounts lower than those established by law;
  •  the adoption of processes to guarantee forms of Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • the introduction of organisational models for preventing and combating corruption in the company.

Legality protocol


The protocol provides for the use of a special IT platform, created by the CAP Group, intended to collect all the information relating to its worksites and the entire supply chain of the companies involved.

This platform can be accessed by Prefecture offices to carry out legal checks. This is an innovative tool which, by allowing preventive screening, significantly facilitates Police Forces’ access to worksites.