The Ethical Commitment of Gruppo CAP


To define a framework of rules to be shared with all its people and with all its partners, Gruppo CAP has drawn up The Ethical Commitment of Gruppo CAP. This document must constitute a constant point of reference, as it defines the set of values recognized, accepted and shared by the company, and the set of responsibilities assumed internally and externally.

The ethical, legality, and governance principles on which the company bases its work and its daily activities derive from the three pillars inscribed in Gruppo CAP's Sustainability Plan: Sensitive to people's needs, resilient in assets and management, and innovative on the market.

The provisions and the rules of conduct expressed in the document apply to directors, employees, and all those who establish relationships with Gruppo CAP, as everyone must contribute to the company's ethical management.

The values and vision of Gruppo CAP

Our commitment to legality


Legality and transparency are essential values ​for Gruppo CAP, especially from the sustainability and corporate responsibility perspective.

Gruppo CAP is a public company that invests in the territory and considers it essential to carry out all processes and decisions with the utmost transparency and a total guarantee of legality for all citizens, who are also its partners.

Choices such as the adoption of the Organization and Management model, the integration of the anti-corruption plan into company procedures and the signing of a legality protocol with the prefecture, in addition to three stars legality rating obtained, represent a great successes but also a strong signal to the market: you can, and indeed must, be a public company and simultaneously represent the industrial sector benchmark for know-how and compliance with the law.



Legality rating


The Competition and Market Authority has assigned a real ‘blue sticker’ of legality to Gruppo CAP, confirming its maximum score of three stars.

The real ‘blue sticker’ of legality is a recognition of virtuous companies in terms of the law and transparency, in line with Antitrust Law and the Anti-Corruption Authority. Few companies can boast three stars, and Gruppo CAP is proud to be one of them.

The three stars are the final achievement of a long, hard road made by requirements to meet and standards to maintain. In particular, the main parameters are:


  • Compliance with the Legality Protocol signed by the Ministry of the Interior and Confindustria
  • The use of payment traceability systems (even for amounts lower than those established by law)
  • The adoption of processes that guarantee forms of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The introduction of organizational models for preventing and fighting corruption in the company