CAP Holding

The parent company CAP Holding is a wholly publicly owned company that manages the water assets (networks and plants) of municipalities, invests in knowledge and computerisation, performs strategic direction and financial control functions, plans and implements investments, ensuring experience, expertise, quality and safety every day.

The know-how acquired and the possibility of planning economies of scale make CAP Holding a large company at the service of local authorities, a solid reality able to respond to the demand for water infrastructure in the areas.




Eva Imparato

Board of Directors

Appointed by the Shareholders' Meeting on May 21th, 2020 for three financial years


Name Position
Karin Eva Imparato Chairman BoD
Alessandro Russo Ceo and Director
Luciana Dambra Vice-Chaiman
Alberto Fulgione Director
Barbara Mancari Director

The Articles of Association


The company responsible for performing the audits of CAP Holding is BDO Italia Spa.