Corporate structure

CAP Holding

CAP Holding is the parent company that manages the networks and systems of the integrated water service of municipalities, identifying itself as one of the top national players in the provision of the service to users.

The company exercises strategic direction and financial control functions in the Group, committing itself to investing in knowledge and computerisation.

The focus is on planning and implementing investments in water infrastructure. The know-how acquired and the possibility of planning economies of scale make CAP Holding a large company at the service of local authorities, a solid reality able to respond to the demand for infrastructure in the areas served.


CAP Evolution


CAP Evolution is the CAP Group's special purpose company created, on one hand, to maximize and enhance the resources extractable from the daily generated waste, making available both its own purification plants and the existing plants for the treatment of liquid waste; on the other hand, to encourage the transition towards a green and sustainable economy through the construction and management of photovoltaic systems, sharing the energy produced with local communities and, thus, supporting the establishment of safe and fully sustainable CER (Renowable Energy Communities).