The benefits of online billing

For your condominium, choose to receive bills via email. Simple to use, the service is an eco-sustainable choice that helps reduce paper consumption.


If you'd like to change some of the data of your condominium contract by changing the diameter or moving the meter, fill out, sign and email the form on this page. You’ll receive a quote calculated based on the price list approved by the Metropolitan City of Milan Division Office.


Even if you are changing the type of supply, you must fill out, sign and email the form on this page. The service is free.

Communicate the change

If you'd like to change an administrator, simply inform us of the new name by filling in and emailing the appointment report that you can find here. Don't worry, the supply won’t be interrupted.

Cancel supply

With supply deactivation, the service will be suspended, the meter will be closed and the final reading will be made for the issuance of a final closing bill. To request a cancellation, fill out, sign and email the form on this page.

Remember that...

We will ask for your signature to validate the deactivation during the cancellation operations.

If you request supply deactivation with the removal of the meter, once the cancellation has been communicated, we will begin the work of removing the connection. The removal process can take up to 30 working days.