Savings kit

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  • Tap kit
  • Shower timer
  • Low-flush toilet device


  • reduces flow and saves up to 50% water and energy
  • easy to assemble, lasts up to five years
  • improves jet quality and protects from limescale

Did you know that an average 15 - 18 litres of water flow from an unregulated tap per minute?

This tap kit is a simple and immediate solution to save up to 50% water and energy.

Flow reducers can be applied to taps without a plumber, and last up to five years. They also improve limescale protection and offer perfect jet quality.


  • helps control the duration of your showers, avoiding waste

We probably don't notice, but showers are one of the activities that heavily affect water consumption in the home.

A normal five-minute shower consumes about 75 litres, while a ten-minute shower consumes about 150 litres.

This shower timer helps you keep the length of your showers in check: water is a fundamental resource that is anything but infinite, and its responsible use is essential for reducing waste and preserving the environment.


  • saves one litre of water for each flush. Easy to install and lasts up to five years;
  • just fill it with water and insert it into the toilet's tan

Incredible but true: over 80% of toilets use old-fashioned tanks with a water flow ranging from 10 to 15 litres, while it has been proven that seven litres are enough to perfectly clean a toilet.

The low-flush toilet device saves one litre of water with each flush. Assuming an average use per person of about five times a day, for a municipality of 10,000 inhabitants, this is 50,000 litres per day, equal to 18,250,000 litres per year of saved water.

The bag is easy to use: just fill it with water and insert it into the toilet's tank. Its volume deceives the float and limits the flow of water into the tank.