Our commitment to the community

The CAP Group contributes to the production of clean energy through photovoltaic plants or gas production plants in our treatment plants and we are committed to the responsible, sustainable disposal of residual sludge.

Energy produced in treatment plants

Treatment is one of the key processes within water service management for a further purpose: the emission of clean energy thanks to photovoltaic panels or the production of biomethane from sludge.

Quality assurance

We monitor the quality of the drinking water we supply on a daily basis with constant sampling and analysis. We guarantee citizens safe tap water, the consumption of which helps reduce glass or plastic packaging and helps the environment.


Analytical calculations

Sludge destination

Depending on the size of the treatment plants, sludge can be subjected to different treatment methods and therefore have different characteristics. For these reasons, once it has left the treatment plant, it can be destined for landfills and waste-to-energy plants for the production of energy, to agriculture or to other industrial sectors.

32,459.6 t


37,004.2 t


1,479.5 t

Cement works

0 t


10,086.9 t



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