You can also set up direct debit billing by sending the completed SEPA form to

Or you can print, fill in and send the form to our dedicated fax on 02 89520383, or by post to: CAP Holding S.p.A. via Rimini 34/36 - 20142 Milan.

Modulo SEPA
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If you pay in instalments, the amount of the instalments will be increased with:

deferral interest not exceeding the reference rate set by the European Central Bank;

default interest established by the Integrated Water Service Regulations only starting from the expiry of the deadline set for payment.

The deferral interest will not be applied if the high amount of the bill is caused by prolonged periods of billing suspension and/or high adjustments deriving from readings with a lower frequency than that which is envisaged, for reasons attributable to us.

If payment by instalments is requested for a previous unpaid amount, or for several bills, you can make the request by indicating the number of proposed instalments and the effective date, bearing in mind that the default interest established by art. 38 of the Integrated Water Service Regulations will be applied to the unpaid amount, as well as the deferral interest in the amount of the legal interest in force plus 2%.

You can also request a billing adjustment by writing to or

Or by ordinary mail to the address CAP Holding Spa - Billing Office, via Rimini 34/36, 20142 Milan, by calling the customer assistance service at the toll-free number 800 428 428, and also at the customer counter.

You can also notify us of the payment by writing to the certified email address  or to and

Our customer service is also available through the toll-free number 800 428 428. Payment can be communicated by fax to 02 89520514, or by post to the address: CAP Holding S.p.A. - Customer Management Sector, via Rimini 34/36, 20142 Milan.