Resilient plant governance and management to protect an essential asset for life.

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Decarbonisation and circular economy

Taking urgent action to combat climate change and its consequences.

Less CO2 emissions

We want to reduce emissions and redefine the inflows and outflows of the group's activities to recover as much material and energy as possible.

Science Based Target

The project

CAP Group has joined the Science Based Target initiative, developed in 2015 following the collaboration between CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), the UN Global Compact, the World Resources Institute (WRI) and WWF. Indeed, we are committed to curtailing greenhouse gas emissions by adopting a strategy informed by the latest scientific findings.

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Protect biodiversity e water resources

Protecting, restoring and promoting sustainable use of the Earth's ecosystem.

Percentage of revenue aligned to taxonomy

We want our economic activities to contribute to the EU's environmental goals.

27,6% IN 2022

77% IN 2030



The baseline has been calculated considering the first 2 environmental objectives (climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation). Conversely, the target refers to the 6 environmental objectives as set out in Delegated Regulations 2023/2486 and 2023/2485 approved and published in the Official Journal in 2023.




Climate risk analysis

The project

CAP Group enters into partnership with the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change. Together, we are conducting a climate risk analysis on the water infrastructure we manage in the area of the metropolitan city of Milan. The goal is to identify climate change adaptation strategies to protect the most vulnerable assets.

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Resilient and sustainable cities

Making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, durable and sustainable.

Acqua drenata nel territorio servito

1.99 million m³ in 2023




Sponge City

The project

€50 million to increase sustainable urban drainage. Thanks to NRRP funding, we are committed to carrying out 90 interventions in 32 municipalities, together with the Metropolitan City of Milan, to prevent flooding, combat soil erosion and challenge the effects of climate change in the Milanese hinterland.