CAP has chosen to deploy the most advanced technologies to face the challenges of the future. In particular, with the Kando project, thanks to artificial intelligence, the company is committed to identifying illegal discharges. "Electronic noses", IOMS (Instrumental Odour Monitoring System), detect odour emissions to limit the inconvenience to the communities served.


In more detail

To monitor odours, CAP has installed "electronic noses" called IOMS (Instrumental Odour Monitoring System) at some purification plants. These are advanced odour measurement and recognition devices that simulate the mental process of memorizing and recognizing the human olfactory system.

The systems installed were then "trained" to be able to monitor, by measuring them in terms of olfactometric units, the odour emissions of the plants and specific pollutants, so as to photograph the real odour emission situation and monitor the concentration of odour coming from the perimeter of purification plants.

The use of this measurement technique aims to classify the odour, memorizing the fingerprint of the sample which is the result of a mixture of countless compounds, so that it is comparable with that of other samples.