The project

Sustainability has been at the heart of European and national policies for years, and is an opportunity to kick-start a system of circular economy based on the reuse and recycling of material.
The BioPlatform of Sesto San Giovanni is the industrial symbiosis project that transforms the waste-to-energy and and waste water treatment plants (already equipped with 2 digesters) into a bioplatform dedicated to carbon-neutral circular economy. The initiative is a step forward for the CAP Group, towards the use of virtuous and innovative waste management systems.

Production lines

The structure envisages two production lines: the first dedicated to the treatment of sludge derived from water treatment; the second to anaerobic digestion for the treatment of damp waste (organic fraction of municipal solid waste - FORSU).

Sludge line
The thermal plant, i.e. the first production line, enhances 65,000 tons/year of wet sludge, equal to 14,100 tons/year of sludge produced by sewage treatment plants, generating 11,120 MWh/year of heat for district heating and phosphorus as fertiliser.

Forsu line
The second production line treats 30,000 tons/year of damp waste (FORSU) for the production of biomethane and serves six municipalities of Lombardy: Sesto San Giovanni, Pioltello, Cormano, Segrate, Cologno Monzese and Cinisello Balsamo. 

Improved environmentalism

The BioPlatform is an example of improved environmentalism. The project guarantees the creation of a virtuous waste treatment system whose impact on the territory is minimal, thanks to the technologies used and the solutions identified.


The plant is carbon neutral, i.e., with zero emissions of C02 of fossil origin.


Biomethane and fertilisers are produced from anaerobic digestion, heat from water treatment.


Treatment systems, air collection, biofilters, folding doors for atmospheric insulation.


The plant provides a strong impetus to separate waste collection, bringing environmental and economic benefits to the territory.


Giving voice to the territory in an effective and concrete way. Offering citizens, associations, groups and local committees the opportunity to participate in the definition of a strategic process. Providing all information with the utmost transparency and completeness. Establishing a relationship of open and continuous dialogue.
These are the guidelines that define the objectives of BioPlatformLab, the participatory path dedicated to citizenship and local organisations linked to the project to transform the Sesto San Giovanni waste-to-energy plant into the bioplatform. Proposed by the municipalities of Sesto San Giovanni, Cologno Monzese, Pioltello, Cormano and Segrate, the participatory process aims to actively involve the community of citizens and all those who normally aren't given the chance to express themselves directly in institutional forums, such as service conferences.

The RAB or Citizens' Advisory Committee is present within the BioPlatform, which is the body that has the objective of monitoring the activity of the plant, verifying compliance with the commitments undertaken, and promoting a continuous, transparent dialogue and constructive between the parties involved.


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