Water kiosks

Every day we distribute our good, controlled water to all citizens. We don't waste plastic, and the environment thanks us.

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Water kiosks allow us to save plastic, avoiding the production of waste and CO2, providing us with fresh, natural or sparkling water every day.

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How do water kiosks work?

Water kiosks are public water distributors that provide drinking water every day at the times and within the limits provided by each municipality, preferably using glass bottles that have been carefully washed before use. Since the containers you fill are not sterile, it's best not to expose them to the sun and consume the water within 48 hours, to avoid deterioration.

What does it mean if a water kiosk is closed?

It means that a repair or sanitisation operation is in progress. We care about the water we distribute, which is why we carry out periodic checks and scheduled maintenance on all our water kiosks.

I'm not albe to get the sparkling water with the new health insurance card which is without the chip, what can I do?

In case of issues related to the electronic reading of your new health card, you can temporarily keep using the old one with the chip.

How come sometimes the dispensed water is less cold?

During the summer the heat could affect the cooling capacity of the water kiosk. In fact, due to the structure's exposure to the sun, the water temperature could be slightly higher than the usual standards.

How often do we carry out checks?

Once a month we sample water from the water kiosks and carry out analyses to verify that all the parameters comply with the law and that the water is safe and good to drink. In addition, every two or three months our maintenance technicians sanitise the natural water and sparkling water circuits, the supply systems and all the parts that come into contact with the distributed water.

What analyses do we carry out?

The analyses carried out are used to certify the absence of bacteria or foreign substances and to check that all the parameters are normal. All the values ​that testify to water quality are also periodically checked. If any abnormal parameters are detected, the water distributor is closed, further analyses are carried out and action is taken to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

What is ISO22000 – HACCP certification?

We possess an international food safety standard: Our water kiosks are certified in accordance with the international food safety standard ISO22000 - HACCP. Specifically, HACCP is a hygienic control system that prevents food contamination hazards. We have a work team that has developed rigorous safety procedures, verifying their application in the daily work of our operators, and reports to a certification body that monitors compliance with the rules.


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