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Kyoto Club Research Presentation

Presented during a public meeting in Sala Affreschi of Palazzo Isimbardi, the headquarters of the Metropolitan City of Milan, the Kyoto Club research analyses the potential of biomethane in the Milanese territory.

The Metropolitan City of Milan and CAP Group have recently signed a memorandum of understanding on this subject, more precisely for the industrial production of biomethane from the wet part of FORSU.
The process is innovative from a technological point of view, but also because it integrates, enhances and uses infrastructures that already exist in the territory. It represents an ecological and economic opportunity together, arisen from an intelligent and sustainable vision of collaboration between public administration and companies, and symbiosis between different and yet integrated industrial cycles.
The Kyoto Club research addresses this issue by laying the foundations for a broad debate that is also opening up to universities and research institutes today, where each subject can provide their own resources and skills to build a new production model that minimises soil consumption and CO2 emissions, generating green economy and energy.

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