Objectives: sustainability and development

Every year we invest over 100 million euros in the territory of the Metropolitan City of Milan, in accordance with the strategic lines indicated by the Shareholders’ Meeting. We especially focus on four main indicators (M) related to the technical quality of the plants: fighting water leaks, reducing service interruptions, guaranteeing the quality of the water supplied and the adequacy of the sewer system.

€570 mln
Our investment plan for the five-year period 2022 - 2026

The plan implements a strategy to improve water infrastructure and service according to technical quality indicators (M)

In detail

Indicators (M) 2022 - 2026 Total %
M1 water leaks 85.621.254 15,91%
M2 Service interruptions 19.256.596 3,58%
M3 Quality of water supplied 55.981.732 10,40%
M4 Adequacy of sewer system 177.373.184 32,95%
M4a Frequency of flooding and/or spills 75.786.470 14,08%
M4b Regulatory adequacy of sewage overflows 99.674.094 18,52%
M4c Sewage overflows control 1.912.621 0,36%
M5 Disposal of sludge in landfill sites 51.193.600 9,51%
M6 Quality of water treated 85.248.101 15,84%
Other contract quality objectives 7.532.261 1,40%
Other non-standard objectives" 56.106.674 10,42%
Total investment plan 538.313.402 100,00%
Complementary circular economies 30.037.963
General investment plan total 569.738.786

Scope planning

The scope plan is the set of objectives and investments to be achieved in the Metropolitan City of Milan for the period 2014 - 2033.
In particular, the scope plan identifies and prepares:

  • the regulatory scheme;
  • the PEF (Economic Financial Plan;
  • the investment programme;
  • the tariff multiplier consistent with the objectives identified.