Remote reading

Smart meters collect data related to network management such as pressure, leaks, water values, sewer volumes, allowing the immediate detection of consumption and possible anomalies in the meters.

Smart metering

The experimental project began in Magenta, where we carried out a smart metering study initially on 234 meters able to remotely detect and remotely control the water supply and provide information on efficiency and energy savings. We then involved other municipalities in the metropolitan area, covering almost the entire province of Milan. We have also launched other projects:

  • in collaboration with A2A, we cover the collection of remote readings of gas and water meters with the aim of serving the 2,354 smart utilities of the municipality of Segrate;
  • we cover the Biareggio and Settala water points where 1,367 meters are smart and are currently evaluating the conversion to a fixed network;
  • we preserve drinking water by replacing it with non-potable groundwater for irrigation, industrial use and similar purposes, with remote collection points and, where possible, remotely controlled;
  • we are working on an experimental project that aims to identify the installation characteristics of remote reading systems for large-production users, not yet regulated by national technical specifications;
  • we are working on the establishment of SUAL (Single Reading Acquisition System), an innovative initiative that provides for the harmonisation of data collected through multi-technological remote readings and classic methods, in order to have a centralised and optimised reporting system.

Trashby and drones

Smart reading

In collaboration with waste collection operators, we have launched “Trashby and drones”, a project designed to facilitate smart meter reading. The reading takes place through a device mounted on the collection means, controlled and coordinated by a central system. For the monthly readings we also collaborate with Archon Tecnologies, Smart Metering and Watertech, for the use of ultralight drones capable of collecting data on networks and consumption in just a few minutes.