Resilient milestones

Resilient plant governance and management to protect an essential asset for life.

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Closing the circle

Taking urgent measures to combat climate change and its consequences.


The project

We have not disposed of sludge in landfills and reused 41,43% of water with respect to the total volume of water treated. The objective is to transform the treatment plants into biorefineries, oriented towards the recovery of so-called secondary raw materials.

Sustainable mobility

We are committed to continuing to research mobility systems able to reduce environmental impacts.

company vehicles with a low environmental impact

of fleet with a low environmental impact

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Protecting the resource


Protecting, restoring and promoting sustainable use of the ecosystem.

Industrial users

Our commitment has increased both in terms of the number of subsidiaries and in terms of the number of samples withdrawn and the analytical calculations carried out. In fact, we carry out periodic checks with one or more samples to analyse their actual regularity and prevent any spills of illicit substances.


analytical calculations




companies checked

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Resilient cities

Making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, durable and sustainable.


We have invested to increase the resilience of sewage infrastructure with multiple interventions aimed at reducing the vulnerability of sewage treatment plants and with the construction of stormwater reservoirs, thanks to which it is possible to retain rainwater with large amounts of rainfall, avoiding flooding.

2 plants
with protected hydraulic risks

81 reservoirs
of stormwater managed

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