Start ups, innovative SMEs and newly established micro-enterprises

The CAP Group has created lists dedicated to start-ups, innovative SMEs and newly established micro-enterprises for the award of works, services and supplies.

If you are a start-up, an innovative SME or a micro-enterprise that has been registered with the Chamber of Commerce for less than five years, you will be able to participate in the awarding of works, services and supplies by the CAP Group. In fact, we have prepared lists dedicated to these realities in order to identify, in the world of start-ups and innovative SMEs, solutions that can solve problems or make activities related to the management of the integrated water service and the circular economy more efficient, as well as to improve the economic and social fabric of our territory by stimulating the world of micro-enterprises, in a sustainable and innovative way.

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  • How to register
  • What are the advantages
  • What happens next

If you are a Start-up or Innovative SME send us an e-mail to with the subject ‘Request for registration on the Start-up and Innovative SME list’ and submit the following completed documents:

·       Start-ups, Innovative SMEs and newly established micro-enterprises Regulation;

·       Application for registration;

·       Integrated Policy and Contractor Disclosure;

·       TRL Declaration (only for start-ups).

It is also necessary to submit:

·       Copy of Chamber of Commerce Company Registration Report;

·       Filing of patents, if any

·       Report on the originality of the products and/or services offered.

If you are a newly-established micro-enterprise, log on to our purchasing portal and qualify for one or more of the categories provided, simply indicate in the questionnaire that you are a micro-enterprise in order to be eligible for the facilities on the list dedicated to you. 

·       Simplified registration with a more streamlined registration process than the traditional Supplier Register; 


·       Exclusive lists for participation in specific contracts; 


·       Advance payments: it will be possible to receive 30% of the payment upon signing the contract; 


·       Drafting of contracts within 15 working days; 


·       Faster payments, at 30 days; 


·       No deposit attached to the submission of bids. 

By registering, you will become part of an exclusive list dedicated to start-ups, innovative SMEs and newly established micro-enterprises, respectively. This will ensure you a privileged channel of communication with the CAP Group and the possibility of becoming our supplier through sustainable and innovative contracts tailored to your business situation.


For information, please contact us by email