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CAP is the first water service provider to speak Chinese. For 40,000 Chinese users, it will now be easier to get information on services and tariffs, and access emergency and customer services

CAP Groupthe green utility that manages the water service for the Metropolitan City of Milan, presents the Chinese version of its website. This initiative for the benefit of one of the largest local communities promotes even more immediate and transparent access to the services of a public company whose mission is to guarantee good, safe, high-quality water and make it a key element of sustainable development.

Following the Arabic version, CAP is the first company in the water sector to offer its services in Chinese. According to ISTAT data for 2023, the Chinese community in Lombardy is in fact the largest in the whole of Italy, with over 70,000 people out of a total of 307,000 nationally. And it is the Metropolitan City of Milan where the largest number of members of this community reside, with over 43,000 Chinese residents (or 14%).

"Transparency and inclusiveness are the core values on which the relationship of trust we have built with all the users of our service is based,” explains Alessandro Russo, CEO of CAP Group. “Our daily commitment is to provide an essential service, to guarantee good quality water for everyone in every home, school, public facility and business in our area. The Chinese version of our website is especially for the many people in the Chinese community who need to receive clear and timely information, and to communicate easily and directly with the company.”

The Chinese version https://www.gruppocap.it/zh contains all essential information on services, tariffs and provides a direct channel for contacting customer service and accessing the emergency service or talking directly to someone at the company.  Created thanks to the active collaboration of translators and cultural mediators, the Chinese version of the CAP Group website follows the Arabic version presented at the end of 2022, and is intended to continue the pursuit of the company's communication and sustainability strategy inspired by inclusiveness, openness and maximum transparency. Indeed, CAP Group has adopted a Sustainability Plan based on three pillars: Sensitive, Resilient and Innovative: Innovative means trying to anticipate future issues and challenges in a strategic and efficient manner; Resilient means protecting the water resource through sustainable management based on continuous research and development; Sensitive means listening to and interpreting the needs of the local area, in order to improve the well-being and confidence of the communities served.