Hidden leak detection

Water leaks can be hard to find; often they are not actually visible on the surface because they are caused by broken pipes underground, under flooring or in walls. A hidden water leak may also lead to water being wasted and, as a result, an increase in the cost of your water bill.

If you think there is a leak in your property’s pipework, you can request an inspection.

CAP offers its customers a supplementary service for the detection of any hidden leaks in the pipework of a property beyond the meter.

CAP’s hidden leak detection service is provided on the open market and is not part of the management of the Integrated Water Service. Customers should be advised that the same service is also provided by other operators.

How does leak detection work?

Before starting, in order to confirm that there is actually a leak, your property’s pipework is isolated by closing the valve upstream from the meter and observed by installing a monitoring device on the meter called a datalogger, which provides a continuous measurement of the water pressure. Any constant reduction in the pressure, despite the isolation of the pipework, is indicative of a leak. We then proceed with the leak detection which consists of three steps:



The gas is introduced into the pipes in a safe and controlled manner. The gas used consists of an inert mixture of nitrogen (95%) and hydrogen (5%).



The hydrogen released by the leak rises upwards, perpendicular to the position of the leak, allowing it to be located using this electronic tool.



The search is then extended to the indoor rooms and the basement of the property for a complete and safe check.

How to request the service

You can contact a trusted company (a plumber or a company specialising in this type of work) or you can request a callback from us by sending an email with your information and contact details to the following address: ricercaperdite@gruppocap.it

You will then be contacted by our technical office so we can better understand your property’s pipework and formulate an estimate.

The leak detection service can be used for the following types of pipework:

  • Condominium/business fire prevention systems
  • Condominium/business water supply
  • Domestic water supply

Gruppo CAP leak detection service will only be invoiced in the event that one or more leaks are detected in underground pipes, within wells or toilet cisterns due to the improper function of the shut-off mechanism. 

Customer service is available for any further information at the number 800 428 428 which is open from Monday to Friday, from 08.00 to 18.00, and Saturday, from 08.30 to 12.30.