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The Shareholders' Meeting elected the new Board of Directors. In addition to Yuri Santagostino and Alessandro Russo, it includes Luciana Dambra, Karin Eva Imparato and Barbara Mancari.

The Shareholders' Meeting of CAP Holding, parent company of the CAP Group, elected a new Board of Directors and a new President. Yuri Santagostino will lead the company assisted by CEO Alessandro Russo and Directors Luciana Dambra, Karin Eva Imparato and Barbara Mancari. They will remain in office for three financial years.

Yuri Santagostino was born in 1985, holds a degree in Labour Studies from Università Statale di Milano, and from 2014 to 2023 was the Mayor of Cornaredo (Milan Metropolitan City). He is an expert in environmental policies and waste cycle design and management for public and private entities, and serves as a board member at Fondazione per l’Housing Sociale, a foundation, which deals with policies and projects in support of social housing. He served as vice-president the Lombardy section of ANCI (Association of Italian Municipalities), dealing with housing issues. He is married and has a daughter. 

Alessandro Russo, born in 1982, graduated in Political Studies at Università Statale di Milano and was the President of CAP Group’s Board of Directors from 2014 to 2022. Since 2018 he has been the Vice-President of Utilitalia association and the coordinator of its Governing Board for Water; he is the current President of Confservizi Lombardia and a member of the Board of Directors of FS Sistemi Urbani Srl. Luciana Dambra holds a degree in Modern Literature, has been a Director in CAP since 2020 and is the outgoing Vice-president; she has experience in the publishing sector. Karin Eva Imparato, outgoing President of the Board of Directors of CAP Holding, has many years of experience in the waste sector, has a degree in Environmental Sciences and a master's degree in Integrated Environmental Management, and is also the President of the Board of Directors of Pavia Acque. Barbara Mancari, a graduate in law, is a lawyer and has been a Director at CAP since 2020 and is the President of ZEROC’s Board of Directors.

Santagostino and Russo will lead the holding company, which, with an invested capital of more than one billion euros, is among the European leaders in the integrated water service. In the coming years the Company will have to implement a vast investment programme aimed at the growth and improvement of the water system, which has always been the public company's hallmark. The Shareholders' Meeting thanked President Karin Eva Imparato and all members of the outgoing Board of Directors for their work and achievements over the past three years, during which the Company achieved a record EUR 362 million in investments and EUR 759 million in revenues.