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CAP Group certified for standard of excellence in human resources policy development

There is a strong focus on corporate welfare and work-life balance, continuous training to improve staff skills, engagement activities to build experience and enhance a culture of sustainability, promotion of inclusion and gender equality policies, and flexible work organisation based on agile working and desk sharing. CAP Group, manager of the integrated water service for the Metropolitan City of Milan, has been confirmed as Top Employers Italythis year.

For the sixth consecutive time, the Lombard green utility is among the 2,300 companies worldwide (147 of which in Italy) where people work best according to Top Employers Institute, the independent body that certifies excellent companies in the field of human resources worldwide through its HR Best Practice Survey. This is a process of analysis, the results of which are scrupulously audited to ensure that the required high standards are actually achieved.

Wellbeing for CAP Group represents a new frontier of people's wellbeing promoted via a wide range of services and products that are an evolution of corporate welfare, a true health and wellbeing strategy and an employee experience organised into 5 fundamental pillars: Emotional, Physical, Social, Financial and Professional.

The emotional pillar includes concrete help to maintain a healthy work-life balance, such as flexible working hours, a network of care services and a nursery, available at the company's new headquarters in Milan. On the physical side, CAP provides, among others, contracted medicalsupport, psychological support and 24/7 telemedicine. The social pillar revolves around feeling part of one team, thanks to corporate and team building events, environmental volunteering initiatives and areas for recreation and relaxation within the company. As for the financial side, CAP provides facilities and financial support, whereas the professional pillar provides company talent programmes and performance management, skills development and job rotation programmes.

Alongside this, CAP Group has embarked on a journey aimed at promoting gender equality and has long since adopted specific DE&I (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) policies, which commit the company to implementing concrete actions in every area of its organisation; an example of this is the great attention paid to parenting issues via flexible working hours, remote working policies, family care leave, and initiatives to raise awareness on issues related to gender-based violence and harassment. In addition to the protocol signed with the Consulta Femminile di Milano, the 'Fin da Bambina' project was launched at the nursery, the first facility of its kind in Italy, with the aim of promoting inclusion through the involvement of parents and nursery teachers.

Continuing education, which in 2023 totalled a package of almost 25,000 hours, for a total investment of almost 230,000 euros, allows CAP people to follow courses on these topics as well, besides more technical training courses related to individual professions.