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The commitment to inclusivity, equality and diversity is further strengthened as CAP joins Fondazione Sodalitas’s Diversity Charter after obtaining the Gender Equality Certification.

CAP Group subscribes to Fondazione Sodalitas's Charter for Equal Opportunities and Equality at Work, and undertakes to develop a comprehensive programme for inclusive management of its workforce, through concrete actions, to monitor progress and to communicate its achievements over time. Fondazione Sodalitas’s Diversity Charter is among the 26 Diversity Charters recognised by the European Commission.

The Charter for Equal Opportunities and Equality at Work serves as a voluntary mission statement signed by companies aspiring to foster a corporate culture free of prejudice that values talent across all diversities, and represents a concrete tool for the implementation of diversity management programmes. As stated in the introduction, by adopting this Charter, CAP Group aims to combat workplace discrimination in all its forms, promote diversity, pluralism and inclusive practices within its organisational framework.

This marks another significant stride in the company's ongoing journey, building upon its foundation laid in 2023 with the approval of its own Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunities Policy, which delineates the guidelines, tools and objectives necessary for addressing these issues. As the first Italian public company, CAP also entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Consulta Femminile di Milano (Female Council of Milan) aiming to promote actions and projects to prevent and combat gender-based violence in the workplace, carrying out awareness-raising and training actions, starting with the 'Fin da Bambina' emotional education programme, the first in Italy to be implemented starting from the company nursery.

CAP has also aligned itself with the Manifesto “Businesses for People and Society” by UN Global Compact Network Italia, the local network of the UN Global Compact for the promotion of sustainable development and corporate sustainability. Furthermore, earlier this year, CAP achieved the UNI PDR 125:2022 Equal Opportunity Certification, which defines the pertinent issues necessary for bolstering women's empowerment within corporate growth trajectories. 

The Charter for Equal Opportunities and Equality at Work is voluntarily signed by companies seeking to foster a corporate culture grounded in inclusiveness, prevent discrimination and prejudice, and value talent across all diversities. The Equal Opportunity Charter is part of the Diversity Charters proliferating across Europe since the early 2000s, serving as concrete tools to help the development of diversity management programmes and the promotion of equal opportunities in companies across various sectors. Launched in 2009, the Charter, promoted by Fondazione Sodalitas, boasts adherence from 940 Italian companies and public administrations, including the Ministers of Labour and Equal Opportunities, who also lend institutional endorsement to this endeavour.