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432 million euro in revenues and over 129 million invested in the sustainable development of the local area.

Over 432 million in revenues, and 129 million in investments for the sustainable development of the area served. CAP Group presents its 2022 consolidated financial statements, which ideally closes the period marked by the consequences of the pandemic with record results. In the three-year period 2020-2022, CAP achieved over 1,159 million in total revenues, 277 million in EBITDA, 51 million in profits and over 361 million in total investments. 2022 confirmed the steady growth trend that had begun in 2014. This is the result of a strategy that already in 2019, when the Sustainability Plan was adopted, identified specific, far-reaching goals to be pursued over a time horizon that looks ahead to 2033 through a series of strategic investments that have made CAP one of the leading players in the development of the circular economy in Italy.

The consolidated financial statements were approved on 17 May by the Board of Directors of CAP Holding S.p.A., together with the Consolidated Non-Financial Statement pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 254/2016. In detail, total revenues in 2022 are EUR 432,735,320, almost all of which comes from the water service, EBITDA is EUR 93 million, net profit is EUR 5,724,641, assets are EUR 1,316,440,745, and shareholders' equity is EUR 853,373,897. In the three years just ended, CAP Group has established itself as an entity capable of supporting industrial partners and institutions in developing strategic projects, starting with those in the NRRP areas. Together with the Metropolitan City ofMilan, CAP Group has developed the ambitious framework project Città metropolitana Spugna aimed to implement 90 sustainable urban drainage projects in 32 municipalities: redevelopment measures to prevent flooding, combat soil erosion and the effects of climate change throughout the Milan hinterland.

Together with ATO, our public green utility obtained funding for developing projects to improve the water network and reduce leaks by adopting increasingly innovative technologies, enhancing monitoring tools and developing modelling tools for maintenance and predictive planning in 133 municipalities. It will also be possible to replace 18 km of network in addition to the 46 km planned for the 2020-2023 period, which will have an important environmental impact in terms of energy savings and CO2 reduction (thus also reducing costs for citizens). Overall, CAP will manage almost 100 million euros thanks to the NRRP funds, including the 2 million obtained for the district heating plan. Over the last three years,  CAP Group has also started to review the criteria for selecting contractors, first by adopting a series of extraordinary measures to support companies that had to cope with the effects of the pandemic and then with those of the energy crisis; in doing this, we have also anticipated government measures. Indeed, CAP has transformed the Vendor Rating, its system for selecting and engaging possible suppliers, into a strategic tool for involving partner companies in protecting water resources and the local area, combating climate change, reducing waste, facilitating and favouring integration into the world of labour, promoting gender equality, incentivising corporate welfare policies, and supporting research and technological innovation, in line with its industrial strategy.