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The green utility, which manages water services for the Metropolitan City of Milan, wins the award for its ability to engage in clear and constructive dialogue with the public and stakeholders.

CAP Group is the best utility in communication. The manager of the integrated water service for the Metropolitan City of Milan was today awarded the Top Utility Communication prize, given to the company that "has demonstrated the ability to communicate to the outside world in an up-to-date, complete and integrated manner, with a user-friendly and at the same time comprehensive web presence, paying attention to all stakeholders". In addition to the Communication section, the CAP Group was nominated for the Top Utility Overall category.

Awarded by Althesys on the occasion of the conference "Utilities, governing complexity", organised to present the 12th edition of the Top Utility Analysis report, the CAP Group reaffirmed its excellence in the field of communication thanks to the innovative and far-reaching projects proposed throughout 2023. The companies nominated and awarded were selected as a result of a performance and parameter analysis carried out by the Althesys research team, led by economist Alessandro Marangoni. In the Communication category, Aimag, CVA, Enel and Estra were nominated alongside the CAP Group.

A regular nominee in the Top Utility awards, CAP also received the Top Utility Ten Years Award for the tenth anniversary of the event, which is given to the company that has won the most awards over the ten years of Top Utility, particularly in the areas of sustainability, research and innovation and, this year, communication.

In addition to its institutional activities, last year CAP invested in scientific and environmental outreach projects to communicate the current climate crisis to a wide and diverse audience in an original and engaging way. It has implemented environmental education projects for children and young people in the Metropolitan City of Milan, from nursery schools to primary and secondary schools, and has developed an interactive digital platform rich in multimedia content, from films and animations to educational tools. It also ran an Employer Branding campaign to engage young people in the design, engineering and circular economy sectors in a fair, welcoming and inclusive working environment. And it is precisely in the areas of inclusivity and gender equality that CAP has implemented a number of important initiatives, both within the company and with its industrial partners. But there was also no shortage of initiatives that used light-hearted and entertaining language to address important issues, such as the AcquaSound project, a series of playlists on Spotify designed to promote the conscious use of water resources at all times.