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The new company, a product of CAP Group's expertise, operates within the realms of sewage treatment, waste-to-energy and green energy production

CAP Evolution, the latest addition to CAP Group – headed by President Nicola Tufo and General Manager Michele Falcon – operating in the Waste, Wastewater and Energy sectors, is born. The new company, which anticipates revenues of EUR 77 million by 2024, with EUR 1.3 million projected from liquid waste treatment and EUR 3.8 million from energy and biogas, channels its expertise towards serving the community to contribute to a more sustainable present and future through innovative solutions that support ecological transition actions.

Born from Group CAP's nearly century-long expertise, the new company aligns with the Group's trajectory towards becoming a sustainability holding company. CAP Evolution manages the Group's 40 purification plants, real biorefineries which, in addition to treating waste water, can in many cases be used for the valorisation of waste. These plants can derive materials such as fertilisers, bioplastics, cellulose, minerals and biomethane from sludge. Furthermore, in three plant sites, in Canegrate, Robecco sul Naviglio and San Giuliano, processes dedicated to the management and recovery of liquid food waste have been set up, with an ambitious plan to increase authorised tonnage from approximately 30,000 to 200,000 tonnes by 2028, and the treatment of over 107,000 tonnes of liquid waste at the Rozzano plant. Each year, CAP Evolution treats 350 million cubic metres of wastewater, with over a third (34%) being reused, and more than 80 thousand tonnes per year of sewage sludge, of which about 40 thousand are reused in agriculture, another 14 thousand as fertiliser, and 30 thousand utilised for waste-to-energy conversion. The goal is to achieve waste-to-energy incineration of up to 65,000 tonnes and process 20,000 tonnes into fertiliser. CAP Evolution also manages the photovoltaic plants that supply CAP Group's assets with energy from renewable sources.  Through its photovoltaic (and agri-voltaic) production, and greater integration with Neutalia, the waste-to-energy plant in Busto Arsizio owned by CAP, CAP Evolution's business plan envisages that by 2030, it will account for 50% of Group's consumption, with a strong acceleration in the next five years, to rise from the current 3% to 35% in 2025, 40% in 2026 and exactly 50% in 2030. The energy produced can also be shared with local communities, providing the area with energy security and sustainability. In this sense, CAP Evolution promotes the creation of RECs, Renewable Energy Communities, a key element of Lombardy Region's green deal. Currently, 13 municipalities are engaged in the implementation of Energy Communities in the metropolitan area, which will produce more than 9 million Kwh per year with an investment of EUR 10 million. An additional 23 municipalities have expressed interest, with plans to support a total of 36 municipalities, backed by a EUR 50 million investment for photovoltaic and agri-voltaic plant development, aiming to produce 70Gwh of energy.