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AGESP, AMGA Group and CAP Group have signed the constitution of the new company that will manage the waste-to-energy plant and move it towards the circular economy

Its name is Neutalia and it is a benefit corporation that will take over Borsano plant activities currently managed by ACCAM in the coming weeks. The name of the NewCo formed by AGESP S.p.A., which manages the environmental hygiene service in the municipality of Busto Arsizio, Gruppo AMGA S.p.A., a company that provides public utility services to municipalities in the Alto Milanese area, and the CAP Group, which manages the integrated water service in the Metropolitan City of Milan, focuses on the carbon-neutral circular economy from a national perspective and is a candidate to become a player in the green transition in the area.

After extensive discussions among all stakeholders and the green light from the Busto Arsizio, Legnano and Parabiago city councils, the three utilities set up the new limited liability company, which was immediately established as a benefit corporation. Introduced into the Italian legal system in 2016, benefit corporations are distinguished by the fact that their articles of association include, among the objectives of their business activities, the achievement of one or more common-benefit purposes; that is, the pursuit of one or more positive effects on individuals, communities, territories and the environment, cultural and social assets and activities, bodies and associations and other stakeholders.

For this reason, Neutalia, which in the coming weeks will complete the technical steps to fully take over the management of the Borsano plant, will appoint an impact manager, a manager who will be responsible for reporting on the company's activities and dialoguing with the local area. It will also be responsible for ensuring that the company's "benefit objectives" are met, to which Neutalia will allocate the majority of its profits, which, in accordance with its articles of association, must be used primarily for social purposes.

In the coming days the new company's governance arrangements will be defined, while technicians and experts are already at work building the path towards a circular economy strategy for the region. Neutalia will be presented to the press on 15 July.