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The CAP Group achieves carbon neutrality for the second year running. Two green projects planned in India and Madagascar

The CAP Group achieved total carbon neutrality again in 2021. In fact, the water utility of the Metropolitan City of Milan has offset all the emissions it produces thanks to investments in projects that guarantee social, economic and environmental benefits on a global scale. After calculating the perimeter of its carbon footprint, CAP was able to offset 20,579 tonnes of CO2eq - equivalent to 100% of its certified emissions - through the purchase of carbon credits. The company also achieved this goal by working with Carbonsink, a consultancy specialising in identifying strategies and business models that address the new challenges of climate change. Certified carbon credits were generated through two projects, in India and Madagascar, which support the sustainable economic growth of local communities.

In particular, "Metro Delhi, India", a sustainable mobility project in one of the most polluted urban areas in the world, saw the construction of cutting-edge infrastructures to give the developing country and the city a new alternative for city travel. Specifically, the new metro will allow millions of people to travel sustainably throughout the urban area, thereby reducing emissions from common, often obsolete and highly polluting local transport.

The "Water Is Life - Phase II, Madagascar" project involves building and safeguarding a network of wells to increase access to drinking water for families living in three villages on the outskirts of the city of Tulear, Madagascar.