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The company receives the certification for the third consecutive year

Continuous and wide-ranging training, unconventional activities aimed at building a sense of belonging and identity, people empowerment, corporate welfare to reduce difficulties during the pandemic: these are the HR policies that have led CAP Group to receive the Top Employers Italy award for the third year running, making it one of the 1,600 best employers in the world.

The Top Employers Institute is an independent body that certifies excellence in the area of human resources for businesses throughout the world, through a questionnaire called the HR Best Practice Survey, a careful evaluation process, the results of which are subject to scrupulous audit to ensure that the high standards required are actually achieved.

At CAP Group, human resources policies have always been based on cutting-edge strategies that range from continuous training - which in 2019 totalled 34,000 hours - to a targeted coursed on diversity and inclusion management, activities addressing central themes, such as gender difference, legality, ethics and transparency and insights into the circular economy.

Awareness and sensitivity to social and environmental changes are the founding principles of the LinkingWater people empowerment programme, which was created to foster a culture of sustainability within the company. This experience involved design workshops, LinkingWater LAB, dedicated to CAP’s three pillars of sustainability (resilience, awareness and innovation), putting sustainable ideas into practice and thus pursuing the objectives defined within the Group’s Sustainability Plan.

The Top Employers 2021 Certification is the official recognition of excellence in HR policies and strategies and their implementation in support of individual well-being and improving both the work environment and the world of work.

The Top Employers Institute only issues certification to companies that reach and satisfy the high standards required by the HR Best Practices Survey. The Survey covers 6 macro-areas of HR, examining and analysing in depth 20 different topics and their respective best practices, including People Strategy, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, Learning, Well-being, Diversity & Inclusion and many others. Applications are open only to companies with more than 250 employees that implement high-standard HR policies.