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On the occasion of the event's 10th anniversary, CAP was awarded the Ten Years prize for the utility with the most awards.

Ten years of growth, investments, research and innovation. The CAP Group received the Top Utility Ten Years Award, for the company that has collected the most awards over the ten years that Top Utility has run.

The award, established to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event dedicated to excellence in the public services sector, was presented to the company "which in the various editions has excelled both in specific areas, such as innovation and sustainability, and in its overall activities". The CAP Group also received two nominations for the Communication and Sustainability categories.

The awards were presented at the digital conference "Digitisation and sustainability for the future of Italian utilities" organised to present the 10th edition of the Top Utility Analysis report. The companies nominated and awarded were selected as a result of a performance and parameter analysis carried out by the Althesys research team, led by economist Alessandro Marangoni. Besides the CAP Group, the companies nominated for the Ten Years award were A2A, Acea Acqua, Enel, Hera and Smat.

The CAP Group is the utility that has received the most awards and nominations over the last ten years, 6 and 25 respectively. Since 2016, it has consistently won awards, distinguishing itself over the years particularly in the areas of Sustainability, Research and Innovation and Communication.

Environment, ecological transition, circular economy, sustainable territorial development: the CAP Group is a green utility that manages one of the largest water hubs in the country, helping to design and build the future of the area. This is why CAP has long been engaged in circular economy projects that aim to transform what was until recently considered waste - from sewage sludge to cellulose, from waste to expired food products - into valuable resources to preserve the environment and contribute to the sustainable growth of the territory.