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These innovative tools focus on customers, water and sustainable development of the territory

The Lombardy utility company that manages the integrated water service for the Metropolitan City of Milan has revamped its official website gruppocap.it, focusing on clearer and more engaging graphics, simple and authoritative language, with the objective of efficiency and transparency of its services for the public.

The digital world of the CAP Group: navigating in clear water. The website gruppocap.it and the app My CAP (Google Play and App Store) has been revamped to increase its focus on users and the transparency and the efficiency of it services, introducing in a clear and engaging way the company's identity and its mission: to guarantee the supply of good, safe and high-quality water and make it a key component in the sustainable development of the region. The launch also includes the advertising campaign "Naviga in Buone Acque" (Navigating in Clear Water).

The restyling aims first of all to improve the user’s 'navigating' experience, to provide even more transparently and effectively all the information on CAP Group’s services: from digital customer services (help desk, chat, booking appointments, etc.) to a practical guide on how to read bills and meters, water labels accessible via your smartphone with the My CAP app and the continuously updated section on construction sites and operations to improve the efficiency of the water infrastructure .  Gruppocap.it thus becomes a portal that communicates in a clear, authoritative, yet friendly, manner with different users with a simple click (customers, municipal and local authorities, building administrators and other partners). 

There are many new services on offer: you can book to have your home water supply analysed and opt to go totally paper-free, with bills, contracts and transfers available in a digital format simply by completing the form in the area provided. You can set up direct debit or instalments to pay for your bills, directly from your user account, where you can also send self-readings of your meter twice a year, avoiding the need for visits by technicians. The provider offers a water allowance for customers finding it hard to pay their bills, easing the pressure on families suffering financial hardship.

CAP’s new website is striking in its simple and immediate design that uses digital touchpoints for intuitive, rapid and easy navigation. The layout, featuring images that focus on the evocative power of water, also emphasises the concepts of biodiversity and sustainability, which are developed in more detail in the sections about the company: “The Group”, “What We do” and “Development and Sustainability”. These concise sections, with accompanying infographics and readily downloadable documents, outline the history and activities of the public company in the field of green research and innovation in the region.

The website is also a little digital encyclopaedia for learning about the quality of domestic water supplies and how to adopt a lifestyle more careful about water consumption and saving, as well as virtuous practices to valorise this precious resource, which is too often wasted and overlooked.

Gruppocap.it and the new app My CAP are designed by the Agenzia Assist Digital, who specialize in customer care services, and the launch is supported by a multi-channel on-air communication campaign, developed by the Milan-based communication agency Melismeslis, which, throughout March and April, celebrates the symbiotic relationship we all have with water, depicting everyday situations where our lives are improved thanks to tap water. The slogan “Naviga in Buone Acque” will appear in local newspapers and the local pages of national newspapers, in TV and radio ads, on more traditional billboards in railway stations, as featuring as targeted content on Facebook and the web.