We provide and constantly update information about our organisation. This section publishes, among other documents, the data relating to the administrative body, the control bodies, the organisation of the offices, contacts and the company organisation chart.

Appointed by the Shareholders' Meeting

of 21 May 2020 for three.

Amendment of the Board of Directors' Chairman on 19/12/2022

Name Position Gross annual allowance
Karin Eva Imparato Chairman BoD 42.033,12 €
Alessandro Russo Chief Executive Officer 0,00 €
Luciana Dambra Vice-Chairman 12.571,52 €
Alberto Fulgione Director 12.571,52 €
Barbara Mancari Director 12.571,52 €

Appointment resolution extract

The powers of the BOD are governed by art. 30

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Documentation relating to administrators

Other offices of the Board of Directors

Expense reimbursements paid to the Board of Directors in 2021 amounted to € 2,821.34 .

Appointed by the Shareholders' Meeting

The board of statutory auditors expires with approval of the financial statements at 31.12.2023

Name Position Gross annual allowance
Raffaele Zorloni Chairman 25.920,00 €
Giuditta Vanara Standing auditor 22.176,00 €
Antonio Traviglia Standing auditor 22.176,00 €

The statutory audit is carried out by the company BDO Italia S.p.A.

The Strategic Steering Committee is elected by the Shareholders' Meeting and is composed of a minimum of nine to a maximum of eleven members, chosen from among the legal representatives of the shareholder entities.

Its role is to perform strategic guidance functions for the purposes of exercising joint and analogous control over the management of services entrusted directly by the local shareholder public bodies.

The Board of Directors submits, for the prior opinion of the Committee, the acts concerning the company's economic and financial performance on a semi-annual basis, the general guidelines on company policy, management and organisational structure, the guidelines on the exercise of management and coordination power over subsidiaries.

The Strategic Steering Committee meets with the Board of Statutory Auditors, the auditor and the Supervisory Body, ensuring compliance with the principle of equal access, competence and territorial representativeness in the appointment of the administrative and control bodies of subsidiaries, and may request further documentation in support of its activities from the Board.

At its meeting of 18 May 2018 as well as that of 21 May 2020 (integration with the mayor of Agrate Brianza), the Shareholders' Meeting appointed the following auditors to the Strategic Steering Committee.

Members of the Strategic Steering Committee


To contact the Strategic Steering Committee write to:



CAP Holding has a Supervisory Body (as provided for by Italian Legislative Decree 231/01), whose competences and characteristics are defined by Article 25 of the Articles of Association: the SB has the responsibility to raise awareness and disseminate the principles of fairness in conduct and compliance with current regulations and company procedures and must verify the actual functioning of the Organisation, management and control model adopted by the company.

The Supervisory Body must necessarily be characterised by autonomy, independence, professionalism and continuity of action.

In addition to supervising the operation and observance of the Organisation, management and control model and seeing to its updating, the SB, together with corporate management, is called upon to transform the requirements imposed by law into opportunities to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the company's Internal Control System.


To contact the Supervisory Body, write to:



Current status

No administrative financial penalties have been adopted.

Organizational structure

Our Organization chart.

CAP Holding Board of Directors

President and CEO 
Alessandro Russo

Vice president
Karin Eva Imparato

Luciana Dambra
Alberto Fulgione
Barbara Mancari

Presidency & Corporate Compliance
Annalisa Sala
Telefono: 0282502588
Email: annalisa.sala@gruppocap.it

Our registered office


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