CAP Group publishes and updates information about its organisation. This section publishes, among other documents, the data relating to the administrative body, the control bodies, the organisation of the offices, contacts and the organisation chart.

Board of Directors

appointed by the Shareholders' Meeting of 11 June 2020 for three financial years

Board of Directors and remuneration

Nominativo Carica Indennità lorda annua
Pierluigi Arrara Presidente C.D.A 35.000,00 €
Emanuela Minorini Vice presidente 12.000,00 €
Angelo Magnoni Consigliere 12.000,00 €
Franca Recanati Consigliere 12.000,00 €
Ugo Vecchiarelli Consigliere 12.000,00 €

Other positions

Expense reimbursements paid to the Board of Directors in 2021 amounted to € 1,866.82 (the figure will be updated after approval of the 2020 financial statements).


Name Position Gross annual allowance
Giuseppe Nicosia Chairman 22.680,00 �
Paola D'angelo Statutory Auditor 19.404,00 �
Luigi di Marco Statutory Auditor 19.404,00 �

The Supervisory Body, provided for by Article 25 of the Articles of Association, has the responsibility to raise awareness and disseminate the principles of fair conduct and compliance with current regulations and company procedures. In addition, it must concretely verify the functioning of the Organisation, management and control model adopted by the company.

The Supervisory Body must necessarily be characterised by autonomy, independence, professionalism and continuity of action. In addition to supervising the operation and observance of the Organisation, management and control model and seeing to its updating, the Supervisory Body, together with corporate management, is called upon to transform the requirements imposed by law into opportunities to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the company's internal control system.


To contact the Supervisory Body, write to the dedicated email address.


Our organisation chart

Tax Code and Registration in the Milan Companies Register 03988160960 Economic and Administrative Index of Milan number 1716795

AMIACQUE Board of Directors

Pierluigi Arrara

Vice presidents
Emanuela Minorini

Emiliana Brognoli
Angelo Magnoni
Ugo Vecchiarelli


Company subject to the direction and coordination of CAP Holding Spa. Registered and administrative office Via Rimini 34/36, 20142 Milan

Free phone Tel 02 895201

Current status

No administrative financial penalties have been adopted.