The Company starting from 2013 if it has the Organization, management and control model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, adapted to law no. 190/2012 "Provisions for the prevention and repression of corruption and legalization in the public administration".
In 2017 Adopted in the document "Amiacque's Ethical Commitment", which is convincing in it that the objectives of growth, development and protection of stakeholders must and can be combined with the pursuit of the highest ethical standards, respect for the values ​​underlying social and with good corporate governance implemented according to clear and shared direction.
On January 2023, the document was updated with the aim of making it more usable and in line with the new reality of the CAP Group. The Ethical Commitment of the CAP Group consists of three annexes:

 i) CAP Group Code of Ethics, 

ii) Supplier Code of Conduct, and 

iii) Anti-Corruption Policy.