Requesting documents

CAP Group guarantees civic access to anyone, as provided for by art. 5 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 33/2013, as amended by Italian Legislative Decree 97/2016. In fact, anyone who needs documents, information or data whose mandatory publication has been omitted, or documents held by CAP Group in addition to those which must be published, may request them as provided for by art. 5, paragraphs 1 and 2 of Italian Legislative Decree 33/2013.

How to request

The request for access does not require justification and is free except for the reimbursement of any charges actually incurred and documented. All you need to do is: send an e-mail to to the Head of the Ethics & Compliance Office, Annalisa Sala; in case of delay or failure to respond, forward the request to, with substitute powers and Corruption Prevention and Transparency Manager for both CAP Holding S.p.A. and Amiacque S.r.l., pursuant to art. 2, paragraph 9-bis of Italian Law no. 241/90 and subsequent amendments and additions.

The limitations on the exercise of the right are indicated in art. 5 bis of Italian Legislative Decree no. 33/2013.