Our commitment against corruption

CAP Holding is the first integrated water service company to obtain UNI ISO 37001 certification relating to its Anti-corruption management system.

The certification of CAP Holding's anti-corruption management system was issued upon the conclusion of an independent verification process carried out by RINA, an accredited certification body, confirming CAP Group’s commitment and determination in the development of an effective anti-corruption policy.

Corruption prevention and transparency plan

On 30 January 2020, the Company's administrative body approved the “Three-Year Corruption Prevention and Transparency Plan for the Years 2020 – 2022”, pursuant to Italian Law no. 190/2012 and Italian Legislative Decree 33/2013.

The Board of Directors of CAP Holding appointed Gian Luca Oldani, Internal Auditing Manager, as Corruption Prevention Manager with powers, pursuant to art. 43 of Italian Legislative Decree 33/2013, also as Transparency Manager, until 31 December 2020.

Regulatory provisions

At the meeting of 30 January 2018, the Board of Directors of CAP Holding appointed the Internal Audit Manager, Gian Luca Oldani as the Manager responsible for monitoring compliance with the rules on non-transferability and incompatibility pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 39/2013.



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